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The Mirror's Reflection

By: Mia-chan

     Raspberry and orange filled the sky. Cherry blossom petals flowed gracefully in the wind. The wind moaned a quiet little song as it flowed away. A girl with indigo hair hummed with the wind. She stood afar from a boy, with a winged cat, looking at a shrine.

     "Still thinking about it, aren't you?" asked the girl.

     "Yes. It's hard not to think about it. My dreams may be gone, but not all. At least you're with me," Alex stated, as Luna blushed. She walked by him, and joined him at the shrine of Dyne.

     "It's funny, you and Dyne went through just about the same things," she said. She watched as the beautiful sun set. She loved watching it with Alex. She would love to sing, but she was tired.

     Suddenly, a flash appeared from the sky. As it went away, what appeared to be was a blue shooting star was traveling at a fast rate. As Alex, Luna, and Nall watched, stunned, they say it landed on a floating island. There was so crash, or anything.

     "Alex…what was that?" asked Luna.

     "I don't know. It couldn't have been something heavy, could it?"

     "I don't know," intercepted Nall. "But it landed on the floating island, where Mia and Nash live. I hope they're okay."

     "Well, why don't we travel there tomorrow. It'll be like old times on an adventure!" Luna said, excitedly. Alex and Nall looked at each other, then at Luna with a dreadful look in their eyes. "I mean before I became evil," she added.

     "I think we should too!" yelled Nall. "What do you think, Alex?"

     He took a minute or two to think about it, but in the end, he said, "Sure. It'll be great to see old friends again."

     As the sun sank into the dim sky, they both headed back to Alex's parents house, to sleep.


     During the twinkling night, a young girl was sleeping. Her window was open, so the soft wind can flow against her mosquito net. The wind caressed through the net, and blowing a soft breeze on her face. On her dreaming, cool face, a warm smile appeared.

     Through the slight breeze, a blood-curdling scream filled the air. Mia woke up, alarmed. She headed towards her window, throwing her covers off into the air. She skipped her slippers and looked out. She saw a young, blue dragon, attacked by four young girls. Mia ran down to the yard, and to the small dragon.

     "Leave him alone!" she yelled. She stood in front of the wounded creature, and held her arms out. Chuckles and giggles arouse from the girls. What were they laughing at?

     "You want to save that?" persuaded one of the young girls. She had yellow hair, with orange streaks. Her yellow eyes were filled with excited for a reason. Mia didn't know what reason, but it sure wasn't good.

     "Well, we might be able to have a deal if you want a save it," chuckled the ice eyed girl. Her blue hair and fingernail polish gleamed with her love of ice. Mia knew it wold be easy to fight her with her fire spells. Fire can beat ice anytime.

     "If it's a fight, I'll take the challenge!" Mia proclaimed. She felt confidence, ever since her adventure with Alex, she knew she could do it. The ice girl laughed, and shook her head.

     "No my dear, I want your magic," she said, with an icy tone in her voice. Mia stood, shocked. She felt as if the world as stopped. She needed her magic, especially to be the head of the Magic Guild. The four girls laughed, and one with brownish hair with orange streaks took the cat, and started to scratch his tail, and the young dragon whimpered. One with light green hair and pink stripes in her hair held the dragons mouth shut.

     Mia bit her lip. What they were doing was horrible! How can they? Have they no hearts? She felt hot, salty tears come from her eyes. She closed her eyes, trying to keep them in. She vowed not cry so much, but now, she couldn't help it. She yelled, "Stop! Please, don't hurt him. I'll…I'll give you my magic." She felt like she had no choice, and she didn't. She couldn't stand to stand to see something defenseless hurt.

     "Perfect," cooed the short, brown hair girl. "Go ahead, Winter." Winter, the girl with ice blue hair, eyes, and fingernails. She wore blue lipstick, and a tight, sexy outfit that screamed with the color blue. Mia should of known by the look her name would have been Winter. The one with short, brown hair with orange streaks should be Autumn. The girl with light green hair and pink-stripped hair should be Spring, and the girl with yellow hair and orange streaks would be Summer. Yes! She figured it out, but even if she hadn't, it was all too late.

     Winter cackled and yelled as she hurled a small blue ball of snowflakes at Mia. Mia tried to jump out of the way, but the ball followed her, and her aura started to glow. She screamed in pain, but Winter cackled again. "Why scream? A spell has been placed upon them before all this happened. Unlike other villains, we think ahead. We noticed that plan with Ghaleon, Royce, and Xenobia." She laughed loud, but then stop as she whispered, "Please don't tell Xenobia. She'd kill us." Mia knew then that they must have been working for Xenobia…but how? She was dead, wasn't she? She saw her die, right in front of her own eyes. She felt pity for Xenobia, for loving Ghaleon, though he did not love her back. She knew how it felt, but it must have been worthless.

     Electricity surrounded Mia, but a few minutes later, it stopped. She fell to the ground, with the small blue dragon leaping from her arms into the air. He landed and tugged on Mia's selves, but she didn't get up.

     "Don't worry little kitten, she'll be alright, just powerless," laughed Winter as she vanished with her sisters. The small cat-like creature wanted to attack, to scream, but he couldn't. All he did was cry.


Thats the first chapter. I shall put up profiles for Winter and the others soon. Please, e-mail me with your comments, and do not say 'Your story sucks' or anything like that! Also, I do not own any of the Lunar characters except Lightning, Stormy, Skydancer, and those season sisters.