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Okay, so you want to check out other pages, but please, if you have a page, put my banner on there. Choose from one of these three.

Please use the link to

One of my best friends page. She got rid of the Bulma page, and made a kawaii Pan page. It is under construction, but it is really great so far. Check it out for all you Pan fans.

This page is really cute, and I love the fanart! I especially love reading the comics she made. Check it out!

This is another best friend's page, Neacko's page. It is a great SM one, even has some of my fanart. It is a totally great page. If you are a SM or fanart fan, go here.

Another of my best friend's page. This is on Sailor Moon, and a totally great Sailor Moon page! I wish I could do a layout like hers. =D Check it out all you moonies.

Check out this page for a greaty laugh, especially for all you female Lunar fans (like me). I drew some bromides for this. It is really great! Check it out and draw.

I am a part of Club Ryuuen, join it today!

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