Name: Mia Ausa

Age: 15 (A guess, I dunno how old she is)

Birthplace: Vane

Family: Lemia Ausa, mother.

Magic Spells: Flame Circie [Lev. 1], Ice Lance [Lev. 1], Ice Shell [Lev. 1], Blizzard [Lev. 15], Ice Wall [Lev. 21], Flame Bomb [Lev. 24], Power Drive [Lev. 27], Flameria [Lev. 35]

Character Song: Fairy Rain

Background Info: Mia is the daughter of Lemia Ausa, leader of the Magic Guild and of Vane. Her mother would not allow Mia outside of Vane.Lemia starts to act a little crazy (because of Xenobia), Mia starts to ge totally depressed. When she met Alex and Nall, they helped her to realize that her mother was really Xenobia. Her admirer is Nash, but she only thinks of him as a friend, though at times, it does show she cares about him a little more. ^.~*