Okay, so you want to check out other pages, but please, if you have a page, put my banner on there. Choose from one of these three.

Please use the link to https://members.tripod.com/ButterflyMia/

One of my best friends page. She got rid of the Bulma page, and made a kawaii Pan page. It is under construction, but it is really great so far. Check it out for all you Pan fans.

This page is really cute, and I love the fanart! I especially love reading the comics she made. Check it out!

This is another best friend's page, Neacko's page. It is a great SM one, even has some of my fanart. It is a totally great page. If you are a SM or fanart fan, go here.

Another of my best friend's page. This is on Sailor Moon, and a totally great Sailor Moon page! I wish I could do a layout like hers. =D Check it out all you moonies.

Check out this page for a greaty laugh, especially for all you female Lunar fans (like me). I drew some bromides for this. It is really great! Check it out and draw.

I am a part of Club Ryuuen, join it today!

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